FarmpreneurAgribusiness + Food Security.

Realizing the unique position and untapped potential of the agricultural sector, its capacity for employment creation and the glaring fact that Kenya is still pre-dominantly rural, Alternatives Africa (Alternatives) designed the Farmpreneur Programme with the overall goal of creating youth-led enterprises and employment through agribusiness.


IYEPA is therefore well-poised to facilitate the growth and development of youth-led micro and small enterprises as it strives towards the creation of a conducive business environment for their success through the following objectives:

  • Promote a positive perception of agriculture that appeals to the youth;

  • Provide affordable financial and non-financial business support services (including training, access to markets) across the agricultural value chain;

  • Access to modern agricultural equipment and ICT for relevant, innovative, home-grown solutions that are profitable, competitive, and dynamic across the value chain;

  • Encourage value addition and establishment of cottage industries based on the comparative advantage of Kenya’s forty-seven (47) Counties;

  • Organize inter-county and inter-country exchange programmes for exposure and up-to-date knowledge and information sharing in the agricultural and other relevant sectors.